Processes to pick most qualified leads around the world

Created: August 26th, 2014 | Author: Ron Talley

Confidence in scheduling an appointment with a prospects would be an important thing for any sales person in the world.  Digital marketing may be used more frequently these days to generate leads. However, outbound email campaigns are the best when it comes to converting most qualifies opportunities.

Quality leads to prospects

Quality leads to prospects

Focusing on extracting Email Ids, here are the processes which we usually manage for prospecting various Clients across geographies, apart from leveraging via personal network.

  1. Salesloft - SalesLoft searches through social profiles on the web to find you the exact prospects you’re looking for. Add prospects to lists with one click. Once you have your list you can start qualifying leads and tracking down new leads. Backed by Google’s powerful search engine, you can target unique segments of your market easily. LinkedIn is the base for any prospecting process and its the foremost too. Integrating Salesloft with LinkedIn, Email Ids could be generated by adding our potential prospects to Salesloft extension from LinkedIn. Using LinkedIn advance search is the key to set the process up. We must know the market – which geography to be focused, which department in a company, how many employees in the company, seniority levels, etc. Once this is set up, its easy to add the contacts to Salesloft.
  2. Toofr - Using LinkedIn the niche market’s Name, Title and Website are to be extracted as the initial process again. Based on these three data points, Email Ids could be extracted from Toofr figures out business email addresses using only the first and last names, and the website domain. There is a free sign-up available to extract limited Email Ids and paid service if the need is more.
  3. Zoominfo - If we have our target company list, the contact information such as Name, Title, Email Id, Phone and website could be extracted from (This is widely used across various Clients across the world!)
  4. Mailtester - Email Id extraction process – Example #3:

o    Visit the company URL
o    Click on the “About” or “Contact” page
o    See if there is an email address listed for any contact – if so, copy the email address to the spreadsheet and change the name & job title on the spreadsheet to match
o    If there is no email address listed, visit Mailtester to test for possible combinations.  If none of the combinations work, try “Info@”

o    If the email address is valid, add the email address to the spreadsheet (it’s ok if the tester says “Server doesn’t allow e-mail address verification” – assume that means valid.  Only “E-mail address does not exist on this server” means the email address is not valid)
o    If all of your email address guesses come back as not valid in the mail tester – including info@, simply move on to the next row and write – “N/A”

  1. – Email Id extraction process – Example #4:

o    Log in to to look for the remaining email addresses
o    Copy & Paste the first name, last name and company name into the search box
o    If there is a match, test the email address using mailtester 
o    If the email address is valid, add the email address to the spreadsheet (it’s ok if the tester says “Server doesn’t allow e-mail address verification” – assume that means valid.  Only “E-mail address does not exist on this server” means the email address is not valid)
o    If there is no email address in or if the email address comes back as not valid in the mail tester, simply move on to the next row

  1. Onesource - Email Id extraction process – Example #5:

o    Visit
o    Search for each company listed in the first tab (Top Prospects) of the spreadsheet

    • Make sure the “Exclude Small Companies in US/Canada” box is unchecked (most of these companies are small)
    • Pick the company which matches the city & state in the spreadsheet

o    Add the names & phone numbers for each company’s executives to the “Prospect Call Sheet” tab.  Only include the info for the following executives:

    • President
    • CEO or Chief Executive Officer
    • COO or Chief Operating Officer
    • Founder

o    Once you have their names, you can get the rest of the info from  Visit

Happy prospecting.

Sample personal tasks handled by Anytime VA in the recent past..

Created: May 23rd, 2014 | Author: Ron Talley

We receive a lot of inquiries telling that the they (Clients) are running out of time and struggling to manage their time on core business tasks and would like to know what are the personal tasks that Anytime VA could help them with. They know hiring a VA is the best option to get rid of some of the recurring personal and business tasks. However, they do not know what are the tasks to outsource and where to start. I kind of jotted out a few tasks picking it randomly from the recent months, which I hope would help the people who are really would like to know some samples to start with. Also, this list would initiate the person to think a similar kind of tasks inline and outsource more.

Selling the Client’s old stuff online, managing the replies and closing the deal. Below is an example task from a Client who lives in Scotland:

Selling old stuff online

Selling old stuff online

Hey Ron, I’ve just been clearing out my garage and there are a few things we want rid of. I’d like to try and sell some of them first on a site called Gumtree which is a local advertising listings for this kind of thing. If they don’t sell on there after a week or so I’d like to offer to give them away for free on a site called ‘Freecycle‘ and if that fails, I will take them to a recycling centre locally and discard them!

I’d like you to post these items on Gumtree under your name/email and set your address as xx, Scotland. Any interested parties will email you and you can agree a price and a time to collect the goods and pay in cash – almost all evenings after 7pm are fine for us. Once you’ve agreed all that you can email me the details and pass the person my mobile number (xx). Ideally I’m trying to avoid be involved until the sale is agreed!

If there are any questions about the products of course you can email me for that info. I’m not really too fussy about the price we get for these items, I’ll probably accept anything with a bit of negotiation! I just want rid of the items and anything we get will be a bonus.

Researching and providing interior design plan. Below is a sample task:

Interior design

Interior design

Ron, I need your help on Interior design – I need to redecorate my home office (a small room). I need some ideas from someone about how best to lay out the room and what colours to use etc etc. I think all I want is for you to research furniture.  It is to be contemporary and stylish and quite minimal (I use an apple mac, so this is the look I am going for). I need some storage drawers (including a single filing cabinet drawer) but not that many – I have other storage. I also need somewhere to hold the 2 printers I have probably one above the other at the end of the desk also in white. I don’t really want them on the top of the desk. There are 2 spaces available for this desk and printer storage, one along a wall that is 1.9m and the other wall which is 2.7m

Internet research on products availability in a specific area.


Hi Ron, Can you research options for ‘product fulfilment’ based in the UK.

As you know I am planning to sell the item you researched in the UK. The Swedish manufacturer will ship me a large quantity of the product to then sell on. I had originally thought to store this at my premises in Edinburgh and then when orders came in through our website, have one of my staff package and post the order.

However, I now wonder whether I would be better to outsource the storage, packaging and posting to another company (what I think is called ‘fulfilment’). These places have huge warehouses full of all different things they hold for other companies and when orders come to me, I simply pass them to this fulfilment company and they do the rest – I never physically see or touch the product myself.

Can you look into

1) a fulfilment company to handle the entire process after we submit an order

2) Options for cheapest method of postage around the UK should we decide to do fulfilment ourselves.

Finding the best tariff for a cable TV / Internet:

Eg. Ron, I’m with Virgin Media for my cable TV, home phone and internet connection. I want to stay with them but I want to see if I can save some money as I’m paying about £80/month at the moment.
My package is ’60Mb’ internet, ‘XL’ TV with Tivo and ‘M’ phone.
I want to stay with Virgin Media and I want to keep the fast internet and keep the Tivo box. However, I’m happy to downgrade my TV package – I don’t need so many channels. I can also downgrade the phone package as I hardly use it.

What are my options?

Finding the best service provider:

Energy bills. I’m with EDF Energy for both my gas and electricity supply (a ‘duel fuel’ supply which is usually cheaper than separate tariffs). I pay by direct debit monthly £46 for electricity and £73 for gas.

Is there a better tariff for me?

Finding a nice place for a holiday:

Toddler friendly holiday

Toddler friendly holiday

Hey Ron, You did a great job finding us a place for a holiday in the summer so I’d like you to have another look for New Year when we are going away with another family.

Dates: Sat 28th Dec – Thurs 2nd but it doesn’t have to be that whole time. 3 or 4 nights is fine as long as its between those times.

Location: Doesn’t matter but 2 hours or so drive from Edinburgh. Might be nice to go North further into Scotland this time but not too fussy.

Bedrooms: 4 (2 adults plus 1 baby in 2 of the rooms (require 2 cots), 1 toddler in 2 of the rooms). It’s 2 families each with 2 adults and 2 kids.

Self catering

Must be child friendly like that last place you found.

Finding an online form for the change of address:

Eg. Ron – can you find out what forms I need to fill out to change the official address of my company (a Corporation) with the state of California’s Secretary of State?

Travel plan: 

Travel plan

Travel plan

Ron – Can you also research travel options for an upcoming trip.

Summary- I live in Los Angeles, CA. I need to join my cousin in Chicago, IL. Then we will travel to London. Stay a couple of days. Then go to Oxford. I will drop her off there. Then I will head to Paris for a couple of days. Then head back to the US. to LA

I will need to travel from Los Angeles (LAX) to Chicago (ORD or MDW) on September 27th. Ideally mid-day. NonStop

Then I will travel with my cousin from Chicago (ORD) to London (Heathrow) on Septemebr 28th (non-stop). Coach. 2 seats together.

Will need hotel in London through Oct 1st. (Central location, 3 or 4 stars) Covent garden, SoHO, or Trafalgar sq area. Near tube. Less than 200/night for 2 ppl. (several options or give me price range)

Oct 1st- we take train or bus to Oxford University. Need hotel there for 1 night. Cousin stays there.

Oct 1st- late afternoon/ evening- I travel back to London. Ideally early enough to take Eurostar to Paris -coach

Oct 1st- 4th- Oct Hotel in Paris 2 nights for just me. Central Paris. 3 or 4 stars.

Oct 4th- Eurostar back to London. Then to Heathrow for me to return to Chicago then LA.- Oct 4th

(That would be 2 roundtrip tickets for me to/from LA/Chicago and Chicago/Heathrow)

(One roundtrip tickets for my cousin to/from Chicago/Heathrow)

Unsubscribing / Deleting unwanted emails.

Hi Ron – please take a few minutes to unsubscribe me from the attached newsletters.  They’re likely all being sent to my personal email Id.

General internet research:

Task 1: Please do some research on what people with flat feet should do, especially when exercising – should they buy a flat feet insole?

shoes for gym / exercise

shoes for gym / exercise

buy particular kind of shoes?

do specific kind of stretches/exercises/drills?

Or does have flat feet have no impact on exercising? Please share with me what you guys find.

Task 2: Please do some research on what the best workout/gym shoes are.

Search on Google and and and other places and read reviews and see what people have to say.

I am looking for a pair of shoes that I can use for running + also for lifting weights at the gym.

And please note that I do have flat feet as mentioned above.

Hope this list is useful and I’ll and add more of these in the future.

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